2023 Diary

My diary for 2023 won't be open until I am allowed back to work after knee surgery that is scheduled for December. Bookings that had to be cancelled in December will get notified first so they can re-book. Then customer's that are on my waiting list for 2023 will be notified. I expect to be able to return to work but only three days a week rather than five as I need to let my knees have rest days. Also bedroom carpets may not be on my list anymore unfortunately. Only work on the ground floor but I will find out and let you all know when I know. I will share on Instagram when my diary is open to other customers then.

Years of this job has eventually caught up with me and I need to try and get it sorted. I was told to change jobs but I love what I do so that's very difficult to do.

You can order my Spot Stain Remover if needed to tackle some stains yourself.

Thanks Edel

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