Carpets, Sofa’s, Rugs & Chair Cleaning

I can just clean the arms & baseDining Room chairs cleanedSee the differenceDining Room chair cleaning

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Carpet Before and after 2

We can clean all types of carpets, rugs and upholstery. Our aim is to leave you satisfied with the work carried out each and every time.

Contact me as soon as possible to ensure better cleaning results, as time delay can cause stains in your carpet to dye lock. I will make it my priority to get to you quickly to prevent this from happening and to provide the best service possible.


8 thoughts on “Carpets, Sofa’s, Rugs & Chair Cleaning”

  1. Hey, looking for a quote for a job in Naas. I was hoping for a 2 quotes
    1. Stairs and landing 2. Stairs, landing and 2 bedrooms. Thanks

    1. Hi, I would need to see photos of the bedrooms to see the sizes and condition of the carpet. If u can send them on WhatsApp to me 0877436413 & then I can ask about about the stairs & landings. Thanks Edel

    1. Hi, if u can pm my Facebook or Instagram page or send me a message on WhatsApp where u will receive an automated message & when I get all the info requested, I can give u a quotation then. Thanks Edel

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