Closed at the moment - Car Seat Cleaning

I use the water extraction method for all cleaning, It is a process that uses water and with high pressure to clean. The process is generally more effective than steam cleaning as the temperature of the water combined with the pre-spray product and pressure penetrates deep into the fibres. Steam cleaning does not rinse or remove dirt & stains as effectively as this method, it basically moves the dirt around. For a deep clean your carpets, seats and furniture etc need to have the dirt sucked out for best results.

I can clean all types of carpets, rugs and upholstery, including car and van seats .

Keeping your car’s interior clean is just as important as keeping your car’s exterior well-maintained. You inhabit the inside of your vehicle whenever you drive, and it’s good for both your health and peace of mind to keep your vehicle’s interior clean.

My car and van upholstery cleaning service will ensure your vehicle is kept in tip-top shape.

Edel @0877436413 Closed for bookings until maybe mid 2023