1 x 500ml bottle of Dublin Cleaner Spot Stain Remover 1 x white microfibre washable cloth and 1 x agigation brush

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I am delighted to announce the launch of this new product. I’m excited to share this with my customers and followers. So many of who have had their loved furniture, carpets & rugs damaged from using V….. & Dr. B……. , as they contain bleach and leave bleached marks after use. Unfortunately, people will continue to use these inappropriate products and hopefully I can help you now.

This new solution contains Micro Spotter, which is effective against a wide range of everyday stains.

I have been testing this product since last year and it works 100%. It is easy to use and apply and that is another reason why I wanted to share it with you.

It can be used on fabric sofas, carpets, rugs, chairs, bean bags, carseats, seat belts, buggies, prams, baby car seats, curtains, lampshades, fabric shoes, clothes, fabric handbags, fabric suitcases, outdoor cushions & rugs, blinds and mattresses.

The reason it’s suitable for your household use is because it doesn’t need to be extracted out of your furniture or carpets. There is no need to rinse out, it won’t damage your items because you are removing it by blotting it with a cloth.

Once its sprayed on it begins working straight away, it doesn’t need to be left to dwell. So just apply, agitate with the brush, then blot blot blot until you have a clean cloth with no more transfer. There are no detergents in this solution, so that means there is no sticky residue and it won’t foam. It is completely non-toxic and safe to use around children and pets. It is odourless with no fumes and is suitable to use if anyone in the house is asthmatic. The best part of this product for me is the fact that there are no bleaching agents and this means no light patches are left after treatment. It’s so quick and easy to use. Like me you will be amazed at the results.

I would appreciate it if you would send me before and after photos so I can share them on social media platforms.

Happy cleaning 😊


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Fresh coffee spill

Childrens car seat cleaning

Calpol spill since JanuaryAll removed Also removed chocolate, customer was delighted Emergency kit at handSo quick and easy to use

Spray, Cloth & Brush included

Spot Stain Remover
Results in seconds

No Bleach
No bleach marks left or residue

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15 reviews for 1 x 500ml bottle of Dublin Cleaner Spot Stain Remover 1 x white microfibre washable cloth and 1 x agigation brush

  1. Deirdre

    Brilliant product. 3 Orange , very grubby island stools came out so well ! Would highly recommend!

  2. Damien

    Great product, highly recommend it, it remove stains in seconds, small amount of product, agitator and boom it’s gone. five year old radiator leak stain gone from a carpet in 90 seconds and one application.

  3. Aoife Leap

    This is magic in a bottle! Managed to get crayon out of our light grey couch! Delighted! Can’t wait to tackle the other 1000+ stains on it. So easy to use and all the equipment you need to remove stains in included with the stain remover. Will be purchasing again!

  4. Siobhán Holland

    Had stains on my yellow rug from blue paint markers. Decided to steam clean them myself but it didn’t get rid of it and I was left with a light blue stain that I had no idea how I would get rid of. I saw the spot and stain remover on Instagram and thought it wouldn’t hurt to try. Used it on the stains and within minutes they were gone. I am so impressed with the product and would definitely recommend to others and would purchase again

  5. T Stuart

    Messaged Edel late on a Sunday of a BH weekend, she was super quick to reply with advice and had a bottle of her cleaner in the post on the Tuesday. It worked amazingly on our light grey Sofa that our toddler coloured all over in black & pink crayon. Came up perfectly once dried. I even got some old calpol stains out of a carpet that had been professionally cleaned and stains came back once it dried and the person had left. Well done Edel on a super product a must for all houses with small artists😂

  6. Teresa

    Great product, only used a small amount, really quick to use and was great to get all the newborn baby stains from our armchairs and an old spilled coke stain on the carpet. Fast delivery too!

  7. Jennifer

    Used this on a marker stain on my jumper and it came out…delighted!

  8. Karen Quinn

    Would definitely recommend this product. Have used it on many stains throughout the house including vomit and marker ink off a rug and oil stains off a carpet. Took the stains right off. Will be purchasing again.

  9. Louise

    I used the stain remover to clean an old hair dye stain that had dried into a light coloured handbag. Unbelievable results !! Don’t know how long the stain was there but it’s gone now. Highly recommend this product.

  10. Michelle Lettis

    This is great stuff. Removed black shoe polish from carpet no problem at all. Polish was on it about 3 weeks and lifted straight away when I used this. Definitely would recommend 💯

  11. Lisa

    Love this product, I used it on our car seats and they came up like new 🤗 will 100% be getting more! Thanks Edel

  12. Sinead Brosnahan

    I had loads of small stains on my rugs. The stains were there for awhile and I had no idea what they were. When I used this product the stains started to lift straight away and were gone within seconds. I am delighted with the results. Thanks for bringing out an amazing product.

  13. edeldooleymcnamara

    The vomit stain that you removed was amazing… thanks for your review xxx

  14. Lee-anne

    Review for Dublin Cleaner Spot Stain Remover
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  15. edeldooleymcnamara

    Thanks Mary ❤️

  16. edeldooleymcnamara

    Thankyou Liz 👌

  17. Liz Donohue

    Review for Dublin Cleaner Spot Stain Remover
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  18. Mary cormack

    Have used this product twice once to take tan off a fabric headboard it came out perfectly and no bleach stain it had been on the headboard a couple of months and I was wary of using a cleaner in case it made it worse !! Just decided to try it on tan that had gone through a mattress protector onto mattress and it came out too .. really happy with this product and would purchase again .

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