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I am fully trained & a registerd company in Ireland that offers a service to restore your flooring and seal it for long term protection. The best advantage of these flooring coverings is that after each deep clean it looks like new again. I only use genuine Amtico products. I absolutely love Amtico flooring & cant wait to retstore yours. Some floors are over 20 years old that I restore.

The floor you have choosen will last you years if you look after it.  The key to this is to follow the simple regular maintenance instructions which may consist of daily/weekly cleaning and protection guidelines provided by your supplier/trade outlet along with a cyclical deep clean and re-dressing of the floor. 

Use a clean mop, bucket of warm water & product to keep your floor cleaming. When you feel your floor needs a deep clean, call me to give you a quotation in Dublin & some surrounding areas.

Amtico Recommends
Currently Amtico International Recommend that…
“…At least once a year, floors should be stripped thoroughly using Amtico International Floor Care Stripper to remove in-grained dirt and floor dressing…”
Protecting Your Warranty
Amtico provides one of the strongest product warranties available in the industry, as befits an industry leading product. This warranty is subject to your floors being “Regularly Maintained”.
By following the routine daily care instructions and entrusting your cyclical deep cleaning & surface dressing to Ultimate Floor Care you are also maintaining your Amtico floor Warranty.
Amtico cleaning products and maintenance products are available to buy online.

Marmoleum floor cleaning – depending on traffic, marmoleum floors should be washed on a daily basis and buffed at least once per week using a red pad. If maintained like this it should not need stripping & polishing for up to 5 years. If not washed & buffed regularly it may require 1 deep clean per year.

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