Sofa Cleaning & armchairs, chairs & footstools

Fabric sofas, chairs,  armchairs they can all be deep cleaned with amaxing results.  Please dont be using Vanish, Dr. Beckmanns or off the shelf products on your items as most have a bleaching agent in them & will leave a bleach mark on your fabric. 

Deep cleaning your items will bring them back to life, all that dirt thats hidden will be lifted. I will also try my best to remove any stubborn stains with the knowledge & products I hold. 

You can also purchase my Spot Stain Remover on the SHOP page to remove dirt or stains from your fabric items like sofas, chairs, car seats, clothes, handbags, runners, shoes, clothes, curtains, lampshades, amything fabric & all fabrics.

Please send my photos of what you want cleaned & your Eircode for a quotation. 

I work in Dublin, Kill, Naas & Bray for this service.

The Spot Stain Remover can be ordered & posted in Ireland.

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