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4th March - 250ml Fairy liquid yellow original lemon

4th March - 250ml Fairy liquid yellow original lemon

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Customers have asked if other products will work instead of Fairy, I don't know to be honest. Others have asked me to supply a small bottle of Fairy. Here it is 250ml, I am not getting labels printed for the bottles as that has another cost. 

 I recommended when removing stains from clothes to spray the Spot Stain Remover & agigate with the brush, let it sit after 10mins add some yellow Fairy liquid to the stain & agigate. Let that sit for 10mins & then into the washing machine on the normal wash.

Never clean stains with Vanish or Dr Beckmanns as they have bleaching agents. 

Never clean stains with hot water always ONLY cold water.

I would not apply Fairy to a mattress or anything that cannot be cleaned in the washing machine or with a hose like a tent or outdoor cushions etc.

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