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Tack off Only

Tack off Only

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Tack off - 500ml

This is an easy-to-use nail varnish, chewing gum  & candle wax remover & a lot more...... It is even safe to use on human and pet hair! If you have ever wondered how to remove chewing gum, stucky sqeets from clothes, fabrics or even get chewing gum out of hair; this is the best product for you to use. Tack off is a water soluble, simple natural solvent solution that leaves no residue and can be washed out with warm water. 

Tack off will remove:

Nail Varnish

Kids Slime and putty

House paint 

Child saftey locks, adhesive left on presses

Chewing gum from jeans, clothes, pet hair, human hair, upholstery, plastic, carpet, couches/sofas, chairs etc.

Clean chrome

Ball point pen ink (non-permanent dye)

Permanent marker even from dolls (tested as requested)

Blue tack, Tipp-Ex


Grease, butter, cooking oil, and gravy

Contact adhesives (sellotape remnants etc.)


Candle wax on carpets, clothes, fabrics, wooden floors or tiles etc 

Candle wax also removed off slabs in front garden as candle had melted in the sunshine.


Motor Oil, tar, wet and dry paint, wax and more

Tree Sap (customer used it) gleaming she said after

It can be applied to all hard surfaces (except rubber/latex and polycarbonate), Astroturf, carpets, curtains, clothing, china, car bodies, fabrics, glass, human hair, paintwork, pet fur, upholstery, whiteboards, and windscreens.

Look through the photos or highlights on Instagram 

Directions for use:

Removing Candle wax or Chewing gum etc 

   ●Coat the surface with Tack Off, let it dwell, then use a sharp tool like a scraper to pierce & let the product soak through. Then try to loosen the stain until it dissolves & lifts or re-apply Tack Off if it's an older stain. When you have removed it, wipe with a damp cloth or use a water extraction machine. 

Removing Sticky residues from windows etc

   ●Pour a small amount of Tack Off on a cleaning toothbrush or a small brush that would work on the area. Rub over the residue & let it dwell. Then use a scraper to loosen the residue. Remove & wipe over with a damp cloth.

Removing a stain from clothes etc

   ●Pour Tack Off on stain, agitate it with the cleaning toothbrush, let it sit for 10 minutes. Add some yellow Fairy liquid to the stain, agitate that & let it sit for 10 minutes. Then put in the washing machine on a normal wash. Let the item dry, then repeat if necessary.

To clean Chrome or Doors etc

   ●Add some Tack Off to a dry cloth, rub over the area until the stain disappears. Wipe with a damp cloth, buff with a dry cloth

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